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Role of Massage Therapy to Relieve Your Stress and to Lead a Happy Life

Massage Therapy

Stress is one of the prevalent components in the modern world. It creates a negative impact on our health as well as well-being. Positively, massage therapy has proved to be an effective way to reduce the stress significantly on both psychological and physical levels. However, before we should discuss the roles of massage therapy on reducing stress, we will first discuss the way, in which negative stress or distress causes harm to humans.

Impact of Stress on Humans

The adrenaline boosts the heart rate, while cortisol boosts the blood glucose/sugar level to divert energy away from our digestive system. These are the immune responses essential for prehistoric humans for flee or fight attackers. However, when a person fails to get relief from stress, the sustained response of fight or flight creates many problems.

Moreover, constant stress sometimes converts into distress i.e. a reaction of negative stress. Distress results in physical symptoms, like upset stomach, headaches, elevated levels of blood pressure, problems in sleeping and chest pain. Along with this, stress sometimes makes certain diseases or symptoms worse.

How Massage Therapy is Helpful to Relieve Stress

Massage therapy relieves your stress levels via multiple ways along with the massage activity. The options related to stress relief will come from the following-

  • A relaxing environment
  • Aromatherapy treatment
  • Healing hands with the help of various passionate massage therapists and other practitioners

Massage Therapy has a Vital Role to Control Body Hormones

Massage therapy has a vital role in controlling various hormone levels in our human body. According to relevant research studies on therapeutic massage sessions, massage has proved to reduce the stress hormone levels in human beings by about 30percent. At the same time, it increases positive hormone levels i.e. dopamine and serotonin levels by approximately 21percent and 28percent respectively. Indeed, when you have high dopamine levels, you will expect to relieve your tension and stress, while deal with work and life challenges effectively.

Massage Session Creates a Relaxing Environment

Environments associated with massage therapy mainly intend to encourage both physical and mental relaxations. When therapists combine low lighting with comfortable soft and quiet music, you get an opportunity to disconnect from all the events going on in the outside world. Even you are free from your electronic devices, you may easily unwind and focus truly on your massage session. Indeed, when you do not think about anything else, you will expect to get a relaxing and/or soothing environment.

Massage Session Includes Aromatherapy Treatment to Heal You

Massage session includes aromatherapy treatment as an additional feature to let you focus on healing and give you relaxation. A large number of good massage therapists create their own natural yet proprietary relax blends to provide aromatherapy treatment effectively. For instance, a few of the experts use a blend of lavender, sweet orange, ylang yland and similar others as active ingredients to apply aromatherapy and thereby, give relief from stress. Especially, aromatherapy calms you by relaxing your over-active minds, possessing anti-depressive and anti-inflammatory benefits and by providing euphoric effects.

Massage Therapy Releases Muscular Tensions

Other than the role of massage therapy to rebalance the hormone levels, it releases the tension in body muscles. When you remain in stress, your muscles become tight in response of it and whenever your stress ends, the same muscles relax. However, if you consistently stay in a huge level of stress, your muscles remain in tensed permanently.

If the problem continues, you experience joint pain, back pain, neck pain, headache and other issues until and unless you overcome or resolve the stress. Positively, qualified massage therapists use their skilled hands to make painful and tight muscle groups, like shoulders and knees loose and allow them to relax. In other words, massage therapists use strokes, rubs, pressure and stretches to relax muscle groups. Taking proper care of your body and your health should always remain at the top priority. Hence, you should add therapeutic and aromatic massage therapies in your daily routine today. This lets you to look and feel good, while stay healthy in your near future. Stress relief alone plays a significant role to boost your mind state and the vitality. Therefore, what would be better than a soothing and relaxing massage therapy session for preparing a happy and long life?