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Things to Look for When Hiring a Personal Trainer

Hiring a personal trainer is like hiring the right person to fit the job needed in your employ. You look at the application letter and resume’, you work through all the information that is given and then you contact the many references to ensure the information given is true or accurate. Most employers concentrate on the experiences of the applicant as this gives them a true understanding of what the prospective employee is capable of doing when hired. The above should be true for hiring a personal trainer.

Qualifications are not Enough

Being qualified for a job does not translate into you being able to perform well in the position. Having the experience and knowing how to be flexible and think on your feet is also very important. For a personal trainer, they need to not only understand and know the types of exercises and equipment that will give you the results that you desire, they must also know what to implement in your training routine, based on the medical issues you have.

How to Decipher the Qualifications

Many personal trainers have qualifications the read like a dictionary. They have so many letters behind their name it is dazzling. Knowing what these letters mean will also help in your decision making when wanting to hire a personal trainer. Remember, anyone can pass themselves off for a personal trainer, and may even fabricate their credentials.

Look up the meanings of the letters quoted in front of the names. The qualifications must state the graduate degree they have, and you must be able to qualify it for what the stated institution offers. The institution named must be accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, which is the national governing body for qualifying persons venturing into careers of sports medicine and personal training. The most major or top standard qualifications are certified by naming in letters of CPT or CSCS.

Check for Specialized Areas of Training

Many personal trainers are well rounded in just about all aspects of exercises and equipment workouts. It is best you know of any specialized areas of training the intended trainer has, so you are confident in the help you will receive. This is because although they are qualified in most if not all areas of training, many specialize based on where they consider their strength in results are had.

Depending on the issue you have and decide to hire a personal trainer, work with someone that makes you comfortable with your training. Although some trainers know what to do to affect the desired results, their technique may not be what you respond to. Know what you like and help the trainer as well to know you. It makes no sense to spend all that money and in the end, you are frustrated and have no results to show for it.

Getting referrals from persons who have used a trainer is also a good way of knowing what to expect. Some personal trainers, especially ones in the bracket of working with celebrities, may not be good for you, as the best recommendation is the one that indicates being recommended by other celebrities based on the results had.